the beginning
Juliepatoolie's opened it's doors in November 2010. It is owned and operated by Julia Poole and is based in Burlington, North Carolina. Why the name Juliepatoolie? The catchy name was given to her by her Uncle Mike when she was born. It was his way of remembering all the kids names with my rather large family! Now Juliepatoolie's is a household name around town. I love being in the grocery store and someone yelling out "Hey Juliepatoolie!" We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product while providing excellent customer service.

why we do this
The Stationery Store was created to bring you great designs as the hot spot online destination for trendy and vibrant stationery and photo cards. We know that stationery creates a very special memory for those personal celebrations and that's why we hand-picked top of the line designers to pair with our quality printing methods so you will remember those keepsake moments fashionably. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

more than a cliche´
Juliepatoolie's is pleased to be a leader in the stationery industry in earth-friendly manufacturing practices. Being "earth friendly" is much more than the industry cliché of "printing on recycled paper"--often recycled stocks can be much harder on the environment when taking into account how they are produced and distributed. We aim for practices that produce less pollution overall. Our view is that processes such as low-emission and low-chemical printing and using papers from properly managed sources is both environmentally responsible and financially beneficial.